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Taiwan - A must-visit island!

Going on an island trip can be one of the best memories of one’s life. With so many islands around, confusion is sure to creep in. Taiwan is one of the best places to visit when taking breaks from regular life and routines. It situates itself in the pacific ocean and East Asia and is a must-visit place for anyone who loves culture, food, and nature.

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In our blog you can get to know Taiwan, the culture, the life, the island, the people, the tourism and the food even better

The Buzz on List Of Tour Operators In Taiwan

NORTHERN AREA Northern Taiwan is home to the island's capital, Taipei. This vibrant city is the financial heart of the island. Just beyond Taipei are national parks, skyrocketing mountains, cavern temples, tea farms, and ceramic towns filled with culture. Taiwan is a...

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Taiwan travel 101 - insider tips

The best tips and tricks take one from being a stranger to a known person in an unknown country. It also accounts to take one to a different zone of comfort altogether. Taiwan travel 101 is the best to have an insight into the habits to follow and the dos and don’ts in Taiwan.

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Taiwan hotel

The place of stay matters a lot in a trip. It contributes to the overall experience and makes the destination either cheerful or gloomy.

Taiwan tourism – Top attractions

1. National Palace museum

It is one of the most prominent tourism sites. It involves the history of the place, especially with the Chinese claims.

2. Sun Moon Lake

It is one of the largest water body in Taiwan and is a vital market of Taiwan tourism.

3. Rainbow Village

Made by a local named Huang Yung-Fu, it is a park open for anyone visiting it.

exterior of National Palace museum

The beauty of Taiwan

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