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We had this after walking around in the hot Kaohsiung sun and it blew our minds. It was so naturally sweet and scrumptious! Looking at this list now, if there were just one Taiwanese meal I might have again, then it would be this mango baobing. It’s so damn good.

I’m a rice individual so I preferred lu rou fan over beef noodle soup. We had it at Fu Ding Wang in Taichung and the ultra popular Jin Feng in Taipei. Both were wonderful. Sweet and mouthwatering with a thick sauce, the littles pork stubborn belly are so tender they virtually break down in your mouth.

That’s it. Apparently, it’s still the most popular and with great reason. It’s refreshing and scrumptious. I was under the impression that Chun Shui Tang, a tea home initially from Taichung, was the creator of bubble tea. We had it at their original store in Taichung (visualized up top). However as it ends up, Hanlin teahouse from Tainan may have a claim to that title also.

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That’s over 123 years! They use a wet and dry variation, both of which were excellent. You can’t inform from this picture but the bowls of danzai noodles are fairly little. Even Ren with her little cravings desired more. As it ends up, this is the typical serving size for danzai noodles considering that they’re considered more of a snack than a meal.

Whatever the garnishes, the one consistent ingredient is the silken tofu. We had these bowls of tofu pudding with peanuts and tapioca balls at A E Lao Dian Dou Hua in Chiayi, however you can have it practically anywhere in Taiwan. Nationwide 9. Duck Peking duck, roast duck, crispy fried duck.

Being the head chef of one of the world’s best dining establishments, she plainly learns about Taiwanese food so I followed her lead, dish for dish, and it was incredible. Tender, juicy, and smokey with a good layer of fat below the skin, the sliced up duck was scrumptious. Even then, what took the program was the innards soup.

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Serious yum! Duck Zhen (Kaohsiung) 10. Goose We’ve had roast goose a couple of times in Hong Kong, but this was the very first time we have actually ever attempted it steamed. I really liked it better! Steamed goose is a specialty of the popular Mr Goose restaurant in Hualien. Goose is less fatty and unctuous when it’s steamed.

We attempted purchasing the goose thigh and leg however our server suggested we get the goose and chicken platter instead. I guess the contrast in flavor and texture between the goose and chicken makes for a more balanced experience. It’s served with carefully julienned ginger and a soy sauce, basil, and goose fat dipping sauce to truly draw out the taste of the meat.

I was wondering how hot pot varied between countries and it seems the primary distinction is in the dipping sauce. For Japanese hot pot or shabu-shabu, it normally consists of ponzu (citrus-based sauce) and goma (sesame sauce). The dipping sauce for mainland Chinese hot pot depends upon the region. In Taiwan, where hot pot is also described as shabu-shabu due to the fact that of the Japanese influence, the dipping sauce is frequently made with shacha sauce and raw egg yolk.

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Turkey Rice Turkey rice is a specialty of Chiayi. It’s the essential Chiayi convenience food and one of the best things you can eat there. Taking a look at this relatively colorless Taiwanese dish, it looks bland however it’s actually packed with flavor. When I initially attempted it, turkey rice reminded me of a cross in between lu rou fan and Hainanese chicken rice.

The earliest variations were made with both braised pork and turkey but individuals took pleasure in the turkey so much they wound up removing the pork completely. Every dining establishment has its own take on the dish but at its core, it’s generally oily rice made with turkey drippings then topped with tender and succulent shreds of turkey breast.

At every night market, it appeared there was at least one stall barbecuing a selection of seafood like abalone, scallops, sea snails, shrimp, and oysters over a barbecue. Visualized below are some abalone and sea snails seducing me at Fengjia Night Market in Taichung. If you like abalone, then you’re going to enjoy Taiwan.

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Night markets (nationwide) 17. Fish Balls Fish balls are an essential street food in many Asian nations and Taiwan is no exception. I did some research and in Taiwan, it appears like they frequently use milkfish as the primary active ingredient. Cost lots of Taiwanese night markets, the fish balls are delegated stew in sauce prior to being skewered and served.

Night markets (across the country) 18. Flame-Torched Beef This is among my preferred things to eat at Taiwanese night markets. Tender cubes of beef are prepared over a grill prior to being torched and sprayed with your option of seasoning like salt, pepper, teriyaki, or cumin. It’s simple however oh so excellent.

In spite of its large size, the chicken meat is surprisingly tender. Hot Star (Taipei) 20. Glutinous Rice Cake This is one of the most interesting things we have actually consumed up until now in Taiwan. It’s a Hakka glutinous rice cake that comes with a variety of fillings like sweet red bean, salted veggie, and maintained turnip.

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A number of food stalls offer these glutinous rice cakes in Jiufen, however none are more popular than Ah Lan Hakka Glutinous Rice Cake. They’re simple to area. Just search for the stall with the longest queue. It’s one of, if not the most well-known food stall in Jiufen. I think the one we got contained maintained turnip.

With a basket in one hand and a set of tongs in the other, customers choose what they desire from a selection of braised meats, vegetables, and noodles before handing it over to be diced up and warmed in a hot soup. The lu wei was served in a plastic bag together with a bamboo skewer.

Night markets (nationwide) 23. Mee Sua This braised pork intestinal tract mee sua at the ultra famous Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodles in Ximending is exceptionally tasty and among the very best things we consumed in Taiwan. Mee sua is a kind of thin wheat-flour noodle comparable to vermicelli. I read that Taiwanese mee sua normally includes oysters, however Ay-Chung makes them with the most tender bits of pork intestinal tract.

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As its name suggests, it’s a pan-fried omelette blended with starch and fresh oysters, and served with a mild sweet and sour tomato sauce. We had this at Liouhe Night Market in Kaohsiung, however you can discover an oyster omelette vendor at practically every night market in Taiwan. Night markets (nationwide) 25.

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