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One of the best places to visit

Going on an island trip can be one of the best memories of one’s life. With so many islands around, confusion is sure to creep in. Taiwan is one of the best places to visit when taking breaks from regular life and routines. It situates itself in the pacific ocean and East Asia and is a must-visit place for anyone who loves culture, food, and nature. Explored by the Portugal sailors, it also has the name Formosa island, meaning the beautiful. With a vivid nature and beauty, one must know about the place before planning the way to the island. It allows one to explore the island before and have the best days when on a visit!

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The History of Taiwan

Just like other countries, Taiwan has a history that speaks for itself. Now under the Republic of China, it was once a self-governing place. Early in the 1600s, it did not have any authority, and later the Netherlands came into power until mid 17th century. Post this, it was again an independent space, and then China took over for two decades. The war for this beautiful place never came to an end. The Japanese took control over the pace in the 1800s, and then came the Sino-Japanese war. Finally, it went back to China after the defeat of the Japanese in the world war. Once a part of the mainland, the volcanic soil makes it one of the most fertile place. Taiwan has seen a lot many cultures over time. It makes the place one of the first places on the bucket list for all the travel-loving segment.

What makes Taiwan special?

The allurement towards a place comes after understanding its peculiarities. It drives the purpose of the person travelling to space. The following are the reasons why the island is a must-visit:


People in this region go crazy behind the food. Following no specific number of meals or restrictions, they render the best to anyone visiting them. They are also the promotors of relishing and mouth-watering street foods. Over to cooking at home, going out for street delicacies can be the cheapest alternative in Taiwan for anyone.



It is one of the places where one will find friendly, genuine, and honest people. They are forever helping and have a decent sense of hospitality towards the outsiders. Even though the language can be a barrier, they will be ever ready to help. It is one of the primary reasons why any visitor would love the place.



The market place is another mesmerizing space to look around in the country. It is ever active space where people love to spend time. The shops are usually attractive and are exuberant both during the day and night. The Taiwan market can be the best for shopping as it brings cost-efficient, unique, and trendy and traditional stuff.



The temples bring a mix of cultures and are the best to visit to understand the culture. The people on the island are religious and bring in the blend of old and new cultures. Being highly progressive, they also stick to their traditions as a legacy. Coming with pious and stunning surroundings, the locals never fail to welcome any newbie for the experience.



The place of Formosa island is as modern as traditional. Taiwan comes with the most enticing and lively nightlife. With night clubs and all night karaoke spaces, it is a must experience for the visitors. Picking a cafe to have the experience of locally crafted beers can be another fun activity that is never to miss every time one visits the island.



The nature of the island brings in another sedation to the visitors. With extreme scenic beauty, it rightly gets the name of the beautiful island. It is home to several national parks and sanctuaries, and the volcanic soil and site give another excitation. It is also the best fit space for hikers and adventurers who need a blend of beauty with travel.



Being one of the best tourist destinations, Taiwan is working relentlessly to increase the hotel business. It encompasses various themes that render the culture of the soil. It brings a unique and unexplored world and also lets a person understand its beauty. Sleeping in a luxurious room or experiencing the Bat cave, the island has them all!



The architecture built of the beautiful island is flawless and has a blend of every ruling space. Mainly across the European culture, it brings the visitors the breathtaking structures. With the doomed subway, and townships and unique attractions, it has won over several hearts. The built of Taiwan is a tourist attraction!



The pretty island comes with a history of the typhoon over June to October. Regardless of this, the island is a must-visit as it has a subtle climate over the other time. With astonishing beaches and coastline in the south, the weather in the region is perfect. It is the most wondrous place for all the sun and the water lovers.



The culture and history of the place speak a lot about itself. Hence, one will find several general or privately owned museum that utters about it. The Chimei Museum or the miniature museum of Taiwan are some of the perfect examples of Taiwanese culture. It also brings into light the history, struggles, and peculiarities of the place.

Visiting any country as leisure or with purpose brings with itself the details to absorb for the best. It allows a person to articulate the diversity of the region accordingly. Understanding the place plays a vital role in the influence of the visit. It tends to visit a success and a trip to flaunt for life. With an exciting and mesmerizing culture, places, and people, learning about the beautiful island is a must! Knowing about Taiwan helps an individual look-out to the destination keenly and render an unforgettable adventure. With the vast knowledge and having a must-visit place once in a lifetime, the trip will be worth remembering!

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