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Tourism is one of the greatest assets that a nation gets from the name it has worldwide. The Taiwanese culture has also brought itself great fame over time, and as a result, Taiwan tourism is rapidly increasing. With the ever-increasing link and a place that renders cultural heritage, tradition, and modernism on the same page, it is open to all. The best visit to a country as a tourist comes in with understanding the attractions and essentials that make the visiting destination super unique. Getting to know it also helps with the ease of travel and knowledge about the journey. 

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What makes Taiwan tourism special?

The overall experience of the tourist counts everything. It includes the environment of the place, the people, and the hospitality. The following are the primary reasons why Taiwan tourism is exemplary:


  • Regardless of the best place, the food is the first thing an individual looks at in the destination. Taiwan brings in a variety of delicacies for an individual. Coming with a unique taste, it is irresistible.
  • The treatment one receives in Taiwan is beyond imagination. With warm hospitality and cultural diversity, the place opens up the arms for the tourists. Everyone feels at home in Taiwan.
  • Language can be a barrier when talking to the locals in Taiwan. Regardless of the struggle, every local in the nation volunteers to help the tourists in the best way possible.
  • Taiwan tourism reaches its epitome if one visits the place during the festivals. With a cultural scenario and lively surroundings, one will get into the best mood and temper.
  • Taiwan is the easiest of all places to visit. It also involves a pocket-friendly trip and comes with the best varieties. From food to the stay and everything else, it is super affordable.
  • It is the best fir place for people of all types. It involves treks for adventurers, traditional sites for cultural lovers, beaches and mountains for nature enthusiasts, and much more.

The attractions!

With several places available for Taiwan tourism, picking the best sites can be overwhelming. The following are some of the best sites that one can add to the bucket list:

Taipei 101

Situated in the capital of Taiwan and is the first of all attractions of Taiwan. With its exemplary design, this skyscraper is breathtaking and is one of the most impressive buildings in the world. Its structure also allows it to withstand earthquakes in the best way. It is also the tallest and largest sundial and the New Year countdown clock.


National Palace museum

It is one of the most prominent tourism sites. It involves the history of the place, especially with the Chinese claims. Having an enormous collection portrays the struggle and the things that the Chiang Kai-Shek’s dynasty rescued. It is one of the primary Taiwan tourism spots that is a must-see for everyone.


Taroko George

It is a National park in Taiwan that is a marvellous place to see for any visitor. It brings in nature in its raw and magnificent form. Being a natural carving of nature, it is the home to eternal shrine spring and waterfall. The journey to the place is as stunning as the place. It brings in all the views of the wild and nature at best. 


Sun Moon Lake

It is one of the largest water body in Taiwan and is a vital market of Taiwan tourism. It surrounds itself with mountain and forest peaks and comes under one of the best must view beauty. With yachts in the water body, there is also a cable car ride that can help tourists travel from one place to another in Taiwan.



Situating itself in the Wenshan district, it is one of the most abundant tea producers in Taiwan. It comes to be the favourite and a never to miss place for tea lovers. The gondola ride starting from the zoo o the Maokong makes the site incredibly unique and a must-visit for every tourist in Taiwan, especially the tea enthusiasts.


Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

They are the Buddhist temples that are the major attraction in the port city located at the heart of Taiwan. The place increases Taiwan tourism several folds and adds to the cultural aspects and aesthetics of the nation. It is also one of the places where one can receive the mindfulness and calmness of a lifetime.


Rainbow Village

Made by a local named Huang Yung-Fu, it is a park open for anyone visiting it. Converted from an army village to an exuberant art, it gives out positive and enthusiastic vibes to the visitors. It helps to provide a stable community and space for the homeless and hence is a legacy for the people in Taiwan. 



It is one of the archipelagoes that dominates the world of Taiwan tourism. With its natural coastline beauty, it is a paradise for all sand and water lovers. Giving out its best form, it has several scattered islands that one can visit. With scorching sun and cold waters, it is the best for enjoyment with a troop or family.


Shilin Night market

It is one of those streets that never dies. With numerous night markets in Taiwan, it is one of the most popular and must-visit markets. It comes with accessing and addressing all the needs from food to fashion. Coming with affordable rates and never to miss stuff, one must never let go. It can also render one to take back home the best memories from Taiwan.

Visiting all the attractions and performing activities can be scarce during a trip. Getting to know the best places can give an individual a choice to pick and have a pre-decided route during the stay in Taiwan. With an open arm of Taiwan tourism and several possibilities to explore, one can have the best in hand in terms of the guide. With friendly people around and hospitality that makes one feel at home, Taiwan opens up the gate for every individual who wishes to visit it!

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