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The best Tips

The best tips and tricks take one from being a stranger to a known person in an unknown country. It also accounts to take one to a different zone of comfort altogether. Taiwan travel 101 is the best to have an insight into the habits to follow and the dos and don’ts in Taiwan. It allows an individual to look through the best and enjoy the region in the best way possible. This must-know allow for catering a sense of knowledge and rendering convenience of travel. Most of the things come in when one enters the shoes, but some additional details will always help an individual get through the best!

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The must-knows!

The must-know feature is something that every person must know before visiting a country. Taiwan is no exception, and hence following are the Taiwan travel 101 tips that help with the best:


Never miss out on the vital apps, including the Google translators, maps, etc. As one may face some language barrier, these apps can be the best and handy stuff to have the best experience. As the place comes with new sites and protocols, having these helps!



Going for a political talk can be sensitive content for all the localities in Taiwan. The situation between Taiwan and China is still complex and yet not resolved to the fullest. Hence the best is to stay away from discussing it or speaking about it.



As per Taiwan travel 101, the Taiwanese are liberal when it comes to fashion. One can dress in the fashion statement one is comfortable in and walk around the same clothing in streets and temples. If one is comfortable in style, everything is smooth.



The general language that people practice in Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese. Although they do have English in the curriculum, practising it is difficult. Hence, one must carry a google translator or work in signs, and the locals will try to help their best.



The best way to prep up is by understanding the cultural taboos. Giving watches, clocks, or anything related to number four should be avoided. One must not open the gifts as soon as received and avoid sticking chopsticks upright in the rice bowl.


Full-fledged trip

Visiting Taiwan as per the Taiwan travel 101 helps the best only when done for a sustained period. If one comes in haste and for a few days, it takes up the charm. It keeps one away from enjoying the best. The best trip is a relaxed and carefree trip.



Taiwan brings forth for the people different types of climates to enjoy. One must look across the temperature and the graphs to look for the one that an individual loves. Planning the trip as per the favourite season brings up the space thousandfold.

The never to miss things in Taiwan!

Some of the information also comes in handy as the must-experience adventures and activities. It is the tip to knowing the place one visits in the best way. They are the following:

Enjoy delicacy

The streets of Taiwan and the people, as per the Taiwan travel 101, are known for food. One must never miss out on the must-try food relishes. It is the best place for all the food lovers as it brings the best traditional taste.

Visit the beach

Beaches are one of the most common spaces in both the North and the South space. Not visiting a beach will take away the charm and make a person devoid of the culture. The high sun, along with the waters, is its primary attraction.

Coastline trip

Hopping from one island to the other and visiting the Northern shores can a once in a lifetime activity. It comes with the natural rock formation that makes the time in the space so enchanting. With the best Taiwan travel 101 trips, one is sure to enjoy the place.

Shopping spree

As much as the place is known for food, it also encompasses a wide variety of thing to take back home. With an attractive marketplace and reliable and affordable goods, shopping in Taiwan can be the best for any visitor. 

Mountain treks

Treks, along with the scenic beauty of the place, go head over heels for the adventure. The beautiful mountain trekking experience, along with the natural and pious beauty, brings in the best. It adds an essence of mindfulness and helps one rejuvenate.

Hot springs

What’s better than soaking in the natural hot springs when in Taiwan? With the best details and tips from Taiwan travel 101, one can find and have the best space to have a great dip. It will also add essence to the trip.

Old tradition

Traditions keep the Taiwanese culture alive amongst the locals and the visitors. The best tips and tricks and ways to blend comes when one gets into the core space and realizes their traditions. The best can be understood by meeting the locals or their cultural areas.

Witness festivals

Festivals are a gateway to understanding the people and witness the vigour and elegance. Festival in Taiwan is a must-see. One must plan a trip around the festival to observe the nation at its best show and blend with the people.

The world of tricks and tips to understand the culture, tradition, and the people is never-ending. It keeps changing with time, and hence, one should look out and act gently and subtly. It involves being down to earth such that no actions offend the locals. With the best details in hand, one can rest assure and travel throughout the place with ease and energy. This way, one will also blend better and render one’s character to the locals. Roman, when in Rome, is the best way to spend time and have the perks of being in a new nation. With Taiwan travel 101, one can ensure not just a safe stay and enjoyable days. The tips and tricks help get out of the tackiest of all situation that comes to a person.

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